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Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony

Hala Targowa in Gdańsk

Market Hall is located in the Main Town in Gdansk, at Plac Dominikanski 1. Its construction lasted about two years and was completed in 1896 and its current owner is Kupcy Dominikańscy sp. z o.o.

Before the construction of the building at the address specified above functioned the Dominican monastery that was destroyed in the siege of Gdańsk in 1813. After the partition of the building vacant lot was used in turn to military drill and as a market. To eliminate trade on the street, the city authorities have decided to put in place the hall, so you can close the remaining trade fair in Gdansk (active remained only Fish Market).

Market Hall was built according to project of gdansk architect Kurt Fehlhaber, the son of another famous designer and adviser construction – Karl Fehlhaber. Maintained in the Baroque style hall remains one of the monuments of Gdansk, which virtually no major damage survived the Second World War. At the beginning of the XXI century was reconstruction of the building, which was finally completed in 2009. The modernization of the “Green Square”.

The Market Hall has three levels of shopping. Stands of industrial goods and services can be found at levels 0 and 1, and the sale of food takes place on level -1. In total, here we have about one hundred stands. Hall area is 4714 square meters and its height of 15 meters. Hall has four gates through which you can get into the building.

Despite the evolution of retail outlets Market Hall has retained its form character, thus being one of the few places this type in Pomerania. Convenient location in the city center, near the Coal Market, allows easy access to the hall, where are are sold the highest quality products – what the owners of each stands take care about. Another attraction associated with place described are located in the cellar the Archaeological Heritage Park and an exhibition of the Archaeological Museum.

Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony dawniej

Hala Targowa and Green Market before renovation

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