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Kupcy Dominikańscy company based in Gdansk announces a written tender bidding for the sale of shares in an LLC under the name of Dominican Merchants sp. o.o. together with immovable property situated in the most prestigious place of Gdansk. The subject of sale is:

  • 388 114 shares in an LLC with the name Kupcy Dominikańscy, which owns:
  • real estate registration numbers, number of plots No. 48/4, 48/9, 48.8 of the total area of 0.4468 ha, for which the District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk are run mortgage register No: GD1G / 00218321/0 and GD1G / 00055878 / 8, a historic building built Market Hall of usable area of 1,720 m², national monuments, located at Dominican Square 1.

Written offers in sealed envelopes marked as “Tender Market Hall” containing:

  1. the purchase price,
  2. information on the form and terms of payment and security of payments,
  3. date of the bid until December 30, 2016
  4. description contains the characteristics of the tenderer
  5. originals or notarially certified copies of the National Court Register or excerpt from the business register or a copy of the identity card if the tenderer is not an economic entity
  6. written power of attorney with notarized signature if the offer is not signed by the person entered in / in the documents – should be submitted to the secretariat of the company in the period until 30 December 2016. 12.00. The condition of validity of tenders is to pay a deposit of EUR 100 000.00 (one hundred thousand) PLN in the period until 30 December 2016.. In the seller’s premises in the period from 15 August 2016. 30 November 2016 from 9.00 am to 15.00, you can purchase information materials relating to the property. The price of these materials amounts to 500.00 zł gross. Payment for information materials and on account of the deposit must be made at the company’s bank account: account number: 77 1540 1098 2001 5562 9373 0001 the Bank of Environmental Protection. The tender will take place within the 16 January 2017 year. Actors who made a written offer will be informed in writing of the outcome of 2 evaluate offers within 15 working days from the date of allotment written. Seller reserves the right to conduct verbal negotiations with the bidders, and even perform oral auction. We reserve that:
  • seller has the right to free choice of offers,
  • seller has the right to appeal or to cancel the tender without giving any reason at any stage,
  • with the buyer, whose offer is accepted, the contract will include the sale of shares in the company,
  • the deadline for signing contracts for the sale of shares will be determined jointly with the bidder – all costs charged to the purchaser agreements.

Offers and inquiries should be addressed to:
Kupcy Dominikańscy spółka z o.o. Plac Dominikański 1, 80-844 Gdańsk
tel. + 48/58/320-29-28

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