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Kupcy Dominikańscy Company was established in December 1991. It was founded by merchants conducting commercial activities in Hala Targowa and in the close-located square called “Zieleniak”.

The main objective of creating the Company was to obtain ownership rights to the Hala Targowa and to provide shareholders workplaces. Due to the very bad technical condition of the building, the next step would be to carry out repair and modernization of the Hala Targowa and adjacent market. Because of many problems first objective was achieved in 1999, when the Company obtained legal title to 9/10 ownership parts of the Hala Targowa building and 9/10 perpetual usufruct of two parcels of land with a total area of 4680 m2.

Full legal title to the property, the Company acquired only in June 2000. At the same time, Department of Urban Planning and City Architecture in Gdansk afford the permission to carry out the repair for a Company. Repair works in the nineteenth-century building began in January 2001, while conducting archaeological research under Hala Targowa. The results of archeological research resulted in the renovation, which would last 15 months ended officialy in 2005.

There were discovered the remains of an early settlement trade, the foundation of the first on these Romanesque church lands, the foundations of lime kiln, and a large burial. In connection with these discoveries there were changed the conservation recommendations about building renovation, which resulted in the extension of its duration and the significant increase in costs.

Currently in Hala Targowa you can find three levels of shopping:

  • On the floor (basement level) there are food stands. There is also an open-air museum with an exhibition of archaeological foundations of the oldest Gdansk Romanesque church apse.
  • On the second and third floors you can find the industrial goods and services.

In total, in Hala Targowa we have about 100 commercial stands of different industries.The second stage of the renovation is to upgrade the “Green Market”. Since September 2005 “Zieleniak” were made an archaeological research – there were discovered a very valuable thirteenth-century Romanesque cellar, which will be created branch of the Archaeological Museum. Modernization of the “Green Square” has been completed and from 1 March 20099 we sell fruits, vegetables and flowers in the new pavilions.

Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony formerly

Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony before renovation

Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony now

Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony

Gdańska Hala Targowa i Rynek Zielony Kupcy Dominikańscy Sp. z o.o. Plac Dominkański 1 80-844 Gdańsk
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