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Archeological open-air museum

Archeological open-air museum

We are proud to invite you to the 100 commercial stands with clothes, shoes, accesoriess, food, fruits and vegetables. An additional attraction of the Hala Targowa in Gdansk is Archaeological Open Air Museum and the exhibition of objects from the Archaeological Museum.

In the basement of the Market Hall there was created the outdoor archeological museum, which took its range relics of the sanctuary and part of the discovered church nave. It has been enriched by descriptions of finds and a collection of movable monuments, acquired in the course of the study.

The museum, on a 260m2 area you can find exhibits like coins, religious articles and ceramics, Napoleonic soldier uniform and an ossuary in the form of a wall of human remains.

In addition, the exhibition is equipped with the latest technology, including the holograms. The light has to extract and emphasize the values of Romanesque interior, mainly elaborately made vaults of the refectory. Proper lighting will also played a big role in the visibility derived from the sixteenth and seventeenth century ossuary, which archaeologists have discovered next to the historic buildings, and which will form part of the exhibition. With sheets exposed inside the monument and thanks to information reproduced from the speakers, visitors learn about the history of the Dominican monastery, part of which were once the refectory and kitchen, as well as the history of the place where this object was built.

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